working at fort



ARC ministry was born out of a burden for the Afghan people being housed on the Fort McCoy military base (Pictured Above) in WI. A group of men from various Anabaptist Churches were able to spend some time at the fort and witnessed first-hand the need for a Christian presence among these hurting people.

Through this interaction, ARC Ministry was formed and the first volunteers began arriving in November of 2021. Although we were strictly forbidden by the military to proselytize, our volunteers had many opportunities to share their testimony and to pray with these hurting people. Many had heart-wrenching stories; many were separated from their families; and many saw loved ones and friends being killed.

We helped staff various centers at Fort McCoy: activity centers for the children, quiet centers and sewing centers for the ladies, and rec centers for the men and older boys. By the end of January 2022, the window of opportunity at Fort McCoy was closed due to the army moving the refugees out to resettlement areas, but God made us aware of tremendous needs of the Afghan refugees that were being moved to Minneapolis, MN.

In February we rented a small house in Minneapolis. We opened a sewing center and began having English classes for the refugees there. We have been encouraged by the interest that is being shown, and the English classes are growing rapidly! Our goal is to be a light and testimony for Jesus through our interaction and the services we are providing.