August Newsletter

Why Teach English

Teaching English is a door into the hearts and lives of Afghan women and children who have landed in a foreign country with a strange language. Many of them are illiterate in their own language because girls weren’t allowed to do much, if any, schooling. Many of them speak more than one language but English class brings together several languages and they can’t always communicate well, even with each other.

I’ve lived in a Muslim culture near to Afghanistan, so I understand a little about living in a foreign land. I know how it feels to be away from family and friends. I know how it feels to have natives who care and become friends, not just faces. Teaching English is a way to become friends with the Afghans.

About a month after our men started teaching the Afghan men, the Afghans welcomed us women to teach their wives. Trust was established through friendships. We came to them on their turf. I sat on the floor day after day playing with toddlers while their mothers learned English. Soon we were invited into their homes for chai. Several times we took a van load of ladies to fabric shop at Karmel Mall and Eid shopping. Who knew you could spend five hours shopping at Target and Walmart? Many times, they asked me to go to the store to get them things.

One of my close friends was shamed by some others. It was a hard time in her life. We sat and drank chai in her apartment. We video chatted. In her limited English and my limited Pashto, she confided about the drama that had happened. She trusted me not to discuss it with others.

When I moved back home, she said her two-year-old daughter will cry every day because I won’t be in English class to play with her. Her daughter and I had developed a fun relationship! They trusted me with their daughter. One Saturday, her family came to my house and thoroughly enjoyed a day at the farm.

When my friend was seven weeks from her due date, she landed in the ER. In an untypical Muslim move, her husband messaged me with her phone to say that she was in the hospital. I knew the hospital only allowed two visitors per stay. I prayed that God would open the door for me to be that second visitor. He answered in Mighty ways. I was privileged to visit with her while she was on bed rest. I knew that in her country her family would be with her. Her husband couldn’t always be with her because he was caring for their daughters, plus working a night job. His brother’s family was helping to care for the girls, but his wife had a baby boy during this same week!

One week into her hospital stay, the doctor decided it was time to have the baby. By this time, we considered ourselves sisters and I had the honor of being at her side that day. God answered our prayers. A beautiful, healthy son was joyously welcomed into the family.

Relationships don’t blossom overnight. The price is unselfish sacrifice of time and energy, but the reward is life changing—lasting fulfillment above anything this world offers. We become richer for loving and knowing people from different places. Shining the light of Jesus into darkness isn’t easy. It requires complete reliance on God and a deep commitment to His kingdom.

God has allowed these unreached people groups to come to us. What will we do about it?

-a former volunteer

driving with scholar

Driving class with a student

shopping with a scholar

A student selecting a sheep for Eid

current staff in Minneapolis

Current staff in Minneapolis

Ukraine Refugee Opportunity

We have been researching ways to help out with Ukraine refugees that are coming to the US. We want to respect the churches in Ukraine that don’t want their church people to leave, but we wish to help the general public if they are coming to the US. The process is fairly straightforward and easy compared to normal resettlement due to the government program called “Uniting for Ukraine”.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Kevin Weaver to learn more (870)-530-6308 |

ukrainian colors

We have identified a Ukrainian family that is looking for sponsorship to the US. It is a complete family, with 4 children, aged 14, 11, 9, and 5. They have no acquaintances or family here in America, so they don’t have a preference where they go. They are a part of the Russian Orthodox church and they did mention that having a church to attend is very important to them. They speak Ukrainian and Russian, so there would be some language schooling necessary. You would also need to provide housing and other needs till they could get work authorization, which can take a few months. The father is an experienced construction worker, with 15 years of experience. Please let us know if you have any interest in helping this family make a new start in America!

(870) 530-6308

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray that God would open and close doors as we investigate resettlement possibilities.
  2. Pray for the staff that they may stand strong spiritually and physically in the busyness of their days.
  3. Pray for the board that they may have a clear vision of where God wants ARC Ministry to be laboring.

Volunteer Needs

A TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification is a plus but is not required. If you are interested in serving or know of someone that might be, please contact Jason Bender 715-415-5091