February/March Newsletter

It’s Just Too Good To Believe

A few months ago, we called a church in Indiana. The brother that answered the phone began to share their experience sponsoring a Ukrainian family in their congregation. The level of excitement in his voice was evident, and the passion for sharing their journey was contagious. As we finished our conversation, he said, “It’s just too good to believe.”
In October 2022, we began to discuss among some of our leadership the possibility of our district (Maple Grove district, Old German Baptist Brethren) sponsoring a family from Ukraine. Our interest had been peaked over the months as we heard about the distress that the people of Ukraine were facing. One of our brethren had received a text message stating the immediate need of a home for a refugee family. While we were not able to organize in time for that family, we began the process of sharing with our district to see what interest and support we had. Within a few days of prayerfully making the decision to move forward, we contacted ARC to begin the process.

We had many questions and concerns at the beginning. The unknown is always a step of faith. During the first couple of conversations with ARC, we began to feel the uneasiness fade away. We worked with Marcus as we navigated the paperwork and uploaded files, making the connection to a family in need. Every question was answered, and the communication was excellent and quick. His way of helping us along was a tremendous blessing.

December 19 was the date we were to meet our family at the Dayton International Airport. Several weeks had been spent preparing for their arrival. Our church congregation enjoyed getting the house ready. The cupboards were full and the furniture in place. As our Ukrainian family, Ruslan, Irina and Kostya, came around the corner, we immediately were charmed by their smiles and warm greetings. While they spoke very little English, our hearts began to knit together as we shared the faithfulness of the Lord in our lives. And so it began. Our new experience with them, and their new experience with America and us.

airport arrival

The weeks that followed were wonderful. So many times the hand of God worked seamlessly to fulfill the need or challenge that was in front of us. Prayers were answered. Within a few weeks, an opportunity developed for Ruslan to get a full-time job and driving themselves around became normal. We were blessed with their attendance at our worship services, Bible studies, singings, and in many of our homes. They were so appreciative of all the opportunities they were being given. They always said “yes” to any chance to be together and to fellowship with us. Kostya was enrolled in our local public school within two weeks and that made it possible for Irina to get a job at the Chick-fil-A in town. They were extremely organized in figuring out the paperwork and documentation that they needed to get a social security card and work permits. ARC continued to check in with all of us to make sure everything was going smoothly.  
We continued to be blessed by the support of so many. ARC was able to share with us the names and numbers of other churches who had experience. That made a huge difference as we prepared for the refugee family. The effort it took to get approved by our government was minimal, thanks to the ARC staff taking charge and guiding us. While sometimes our view of our nation is one of discouragement and negativity, this journey has caused us to again be thankful for the generous and caring country we live in. May God receive the glory. 
In closing, I want to circle back to the comment I referenced previously—“It’s just too good to believe”. Isn’t that what God does? God has again shown himself to be a God of taking the broken things of war, devastation, and evil, and turning those ashes into a beautiful joy. We have experienced it. We consider this dear family as friends and fellow pilgrims and are eternally thankful for this opportunity. 


Introduction to the New Administrators


Peter, Erin, and their son Oliver Wadel are glad to be part of the Kingdom work in the Twin Cities metro area. They are serving for two years as administrators for ARC Ministry in Minneapolis. They are from the Blue Rock Mennonite Church in southeastern Pennsylvania. Peter grew up on a farm in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania and worked as a school teacher for thirteen years, then as a lawncare worker for two years. He likes traveling and reading, and reading while traveling, and is hoping for many opportunities for personal and family transformation as he works with ARC Ministry in the coming years.
Erin was born in Ontario and was raised mostly in Quebec. Her family lived briefly in Minneapolis when she was young, only a few miles from the ARC Hive. Erin had worked in a Christian bookstore before she married Peter and moved to Pennsylvania. She loves to sing and hike, and to sing while she hikes, and is enjoying the challenge and opportunity of meeting the many volunteers and visitors that come to visit the ARC project.

Oliver is one and one-half years old, and enjoys trying new foods, playing with the ARC volunteers, and watching the snow and the birds from the kitchen window in their house in Mounds View, just north of Minneapolis. He goes along with his family to a class two times a week and learns English along with the Afghan children.

“We are humbled by the trust that our Afghan friends and students seem to have in us as the ARC team. We want to honor their friendship and learn how to build relationships that are lasting and that lead us deeper into truth. Living near and working in the city of Minneapolis with our family, we want to show the heart of the Gospel through our daily living. Pray for us that we remain focused and faithful.”

student and teacher
staff and friends
helping at a shelter

Potential Answer to Prayer

Recently we learned that a Minneapolis school district has 3 buildings they would like to sell. The smallest building has great potential and seems like it would fit our needs well. This 2 story building is approximately 20,000 square feet with a gym, classrooms, offices, playground and a fenced in parking area. It seems this one location would work well for everything we need and be an answer to our prayers.

Unfortunately, we have been running into difficulties in our efforts to pursue this option and it is not 100% certain we will be able to acquire it. We ask that you would join us in prayer about this need that we would have wisdom to know if and how to proceed.


school building
school building

Prayer Requests

Some of the teachers are getting into deeper conversations with our students. There is definite spiritual interest among them. Pray for wisdom and discernment for our teachers.

Volunteer Needs

Long Term Needs

If you are interested in serving, or would like more information, please contact Peter Wadel: tel:7633583816

refugee opportunity

Ukrainian families fleeing the war are seeking refuge in the United States. The situation presents a golden opportunity for the church in America to reach out and help those in need as a true example of Christ’s love. ARC is working to connect refugee families with churches willing to host, support and encourage them. Contact Kevin Weaver to begin the process.